Healthy Bones Breakfast

After walking from the field most Saturday afternoons battered and bruised, most rugby players are pretty happy their bones are strong enough to stand up to the challenge of being belted by 100kg-plus monsters.

With this in mind, Brumbies Rugby players Jono Owen, Jesse Mogg, Colby Faingaa and Siliva Siliva all visited primary schools in the ACT region on Thursday and Friday morning last week for the Healthy Bones Breakfasts.

Faingaa and Siliva headed south to St Clares of Assisi at Conder while Owen and Mogg took their message to the north of Canberra to the Good Shepherd Primary School at Amaroo.

The healthy Bones Breakfasts were run to teach children about the importance of building strong bones while they are young to be able to cope with the strains and pains of life as they grow older.

In total about 300 students took part on the breakfasts, with cereals, milk and fresh fruit all being served while the Brumbies Rugby boys signed autographs for the students and a couple of mums and dads.