Fardy And Carter Set Sights On Season Opener

by Brumbies Media

Brumbies Rugby low-row partners Scott Fardy and Sam Carter are working their way through rehab and on course for the 2013 Super Rugby season opener against the Reds, 16 February.

In what some players have described as the biggest bro-mance in Super Rugby history, the locking partners and housemates suffered the same left shoulder injuries during the 2012 season and have been side by side throughout the last three months of rehab.

The more senior partner, Fardy, has come to terms with the disappointing way the season ended in 2012 and said he was looking forward to getting things right for the start of 2013.

“My shoulder is coming along well, should be good to go by Christmas. I’m getting involved with most things now, not much contact but as soon as I’m good to go I’m sure Lordy [Forwards Coach Laurie Fisher] will be throwing me right in there,”Fardy said.

“There have been some great guys come in already in the first week and they’re adding a lot in terms of training and having personalities around the place. I’m looking forward to being right in there with them in full training in the weeks to come.

“I only had a small tear in my shoulder and it wasn’t too bad, I played most of the season with it but it’s just been a long recovery process. I definitely feel a lot more comfortable at this level now than I did this time last year and I think the majority of the new guys from 2012 would say the same thing.

”For Carter, the road to Super Rugby came faster than he had expected. A former Scots and Sydney University boy, Carter made just one appearance in 2011, his debut, against the Rebels. But with a full pre-season and the support of the Brumbies Rugby coaching staff, Carter came full circle in 2012 missing only one game, which was ironically also a Rebels fixture.

“I had the same injury as Scott Fardy, just a little tear in the ligament but they’ve tacked it back together and I’m pretty much good to go from Christmas,” Carter said.

“I played every game but one last year but with Leon [Power] and Etienne [Oosthuizen] knocking on the door it provides more competition and keeps Scott and me on our toes. Those guys will certainly be used at different times this year.

”Carter stopped short of confirming a bro-mance situation between the two locks but said Fardy’s presence had helped in his own rehabilitation.

“Obviously Scott had exactly the same injury as me, the same timelines and rehab program and we’ve been side by side for the last few months,”Carter said.“

We’re always challenging each other to see who’s making better progress. We definitely spend an adequate amount of time together – we don’t have arm wrestles to see who’s ahead, but it’s good to have someone in the same situation as you.”