Brumbies Provincial Championships

8–10 June 2013, Hanging Rock Oval, Batemans Bay

Congratulations to Southern Inland Rams on winning the 2013 Brumbies Provincial Championships. The championships were contested between Southern Inland, Monaro and South Coast representative sides over the June Long Weekend at Hanging Rock Oval, Batemans Bay.

Saturday 8 June – Monaro 34 bt South Coast Marlins 17
The Player of the Match was Monaro’s Matt Caldwell

Sunday 9 June – Southern Inland Rams 43 bt South Coast Marlins 0
The player of the match was Southern Inlands Eddie Lagaali

Monday 10 June – Southern Inland Rams 28 bt Monaro 5
The player of the match was Southern Inlands Ben Leaper

The most outstanding player of the championships went to standout Southern Inland No. 8 Ben Leaper.

At the conclusion of the championships a Brumbies Provincial Side was selected to take on Australian Services Rugby Union (ASRU) in October. Congratulations to the players listed. Brumbies Rugby would like to thank all side for participating and would also like to thanks South Coast for their efforts in hosting the championships this year.

2013 Brumbies Provincial Side
1. David Silverside    SC - Batemans Bay
2. Jock Munro         SIRU - Wagga Waratahs
3. Tom Dunstan        SIRU - Wagga Ag College
4. Boyd Newby        Monaro - Goulburn
5. Ash Lefevre        SIRU - Albury
6. Dave Fleming        SC - Broulee
7. James Whitely    SIRU - Wagga Ag College
8. Ben Leaper        SIRU - Wagga Ag College
9. Aiden Greaves    Monaro - Goulburn
10. Hamish Rafter    SIRU - Wagga CIty
11. Matt Caldwell    Monaro - Jindabyne
12. Eddie Lagaali    SIRU - Wagga CIty
13. Thomas Pritchard    SC - Broulee
14. Mitch Fealy        SIRU - CSU wagga
15. Bart Whitely    SIRU - Wagga Ag College

16. James Bell        SC - Batemans Bay
17. Scott Meakins    SIRU - Albury
18. Steven Rompa    Monaro - Jindabyne
19. Sterling Ross    SIRU - CSU Wagga
20. Cam Jenkins        SIRU - Wagga Ag College
21. Zac Archer        SIRU - Wagga City
22. Mick Webber        Monaro - Goulburn
23. James Olds        SIRU - Albury