Karralika Programs link with Brumbies Rugby

Karralika has announced it is excited to be working with the Brumbies for their Match Day Charity Program.

This partnership means so much to us at Karralika Programs because it gives us a platform to share our stories of recovery with the broader Canberra community.  With this support, we are able to raise awareness about alcohol and drug treatment and support programs that we offer to individuals and families in Canberra.

Australians work hard and play hard, it’s what we’re known for. 

But when this turns into an addiction to alcohol or other drugs, things go horribly wrong. 

Thankfully, Karralika Programs can help. We are a Canberra-based service for the region that helps people address why they turn to alcohol and drugs, and break that cycle. Our rehabilitation program can get you back on track, and our drink driver education programs can help keep you and others safe on the roads.

So if you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol or other drugs and needs help, get in touch with Karralika Programs and find out more.  We can help you choose a better life for you and your family. Call us on 6163 0200 or visit karralika.org.au

Help us give alcohol and drug addiction the boot!