Moggy's journey from Brisbane to Bruce

A League to Union convert, an interstate hopper, a talented young star in the making. But unlike some of his more notorious counterparts Jesse is a young, determined player who is ready to commit to his club and fulfil his talent at the Brumbies. 

Jesse lived in Brisbane until his teens playing rugby league and participating in track and field. He represented the Australia A School’s league side in 2006. After his performances there he was picked up by the Brisbane Broncos and had a major role in their 2009 Toyota Cup season. A year later he became part of the ACT Brumbies Academy before his initiation into Super Rugby.

Jesse’s first season of Super Rugby unfortunately ended with the Brumbies just missing the finals. But overall it was a successful year with Jesse winning 16 caps and scoring 4 tries.

As Jesse is only 23 his best years are still ahead of him and 2013 could be the breakthrough season for the Brumbies and their young fullback Jesse Mogg.

Interview: A Quick Chat with Jesse Mogg

Liam Wallace- What was involved at the Brumbies Academy? How did it help you as a player?

Jesse Mogg-  It’s not full time, just 5 days a week in the afternoon, three to three and a half hours.  So, I guess it’s just an opportunity to get into a professional environment and develop different skills in your game and try to crack Super Rugby full time.

LW- At the Brumbies this year you just missed out on the finals for Super Rugby after leading the Australian Conference the whole way through.  So what were your feelings and your team’s feelings about that?

JM- I guess we just worked so hard to make it to the finals and to cut it so short is the most devastating thing. We really left our worst game for the year in the one where we needed our best game. So, I guess looking back, it was unfortunate that we didn’t make the finals but the experience that the team got from that especially the younger guys in the squad know what to experience next year and we’ll look to make amends.

LW- Ironically QLD did get through to the finals and what are your feelings when going up against them? Does it mean anything?

JM- No, you have your least favourite teams and you have teams you enjoy to watch. The Reds play some exciting rugby but my home is here in Canberra and I enjoy the Brumbies and love playing for them. But playing against the Reds I enjoy beating them but I don’t miss the opportunity to have played for them. My home is here in Canberra and the Brumbies are my team.

LW- Living here in Canberra, what are some differences between living here and in Brisbane?

JM- The obvious one is the weather. It’s fairly hot here in summer and cold in winter. Brisbane’s a lot more humid but you get more rain and winter’s not as cold. The other one is that Canberra is very quiet and easy to get around, and the people here aren’t as frantic as in Brisbane.

LW-It’s the offseason. So what happens now? Is it straight into training or do you get time for holidays?
JM- What happens is that after our last game we get a 10-day break and then we start offseason which can require surgery for some of the boys whereas the others begin the nine week phase, just preparing and recovering.  Then it’s a four-week break during October where most of the boys leave Canberra and go away. November is the beginning of pre-season training.

LW- Do you have any thoughts on the Israel Folau, Quade Cooper issue. It’s a big thing in rugby at the moment and it raises questions about money and loyalty towards clubs.

JM- Absolutely. I guess for Izzy he’s trying to find his place in sport at the moment. He was fine in league and wanted to challenge himself in AFL and with the money that he was reportedly getting paid it’s hard to say no to that, considering as he’s probably thinking about himself and his family. In terms of Quade, I’m not too sure about the whole story. Publicly it’s probably not right what he’s said and it seems as if he’s thinking about himself, not the sport.  Loyalty - some players probably have loyalty and some don’t.

LW- For you personally, you’re young and have a lot of time left to play rugby; what do you hope to achieve next season and in the longer term?

JM- For me personally, I want to make the starting team. I played 16 games this year and I want to play 16 games next year, hopefully more with finals.  Long term, I want to try and get back into the Wallabies set-up and hopefully stay here at the Brumbies for 50 caps.

LW – Thanks for your time Jesse and best wishes for the future.