Brumbies Rugby and AIS collaborate on recovery best practice

The AIS will work closely with the University of Canberra Brumbies to ensure athletes are using best practice in recovery during the pre-season months and throughout 2013.
Head of AIS Recovery, Shona Halson, and Brumbies Rugby Athletic Performance Director, Dean Benton, will work on a system that allows rugby players to train at their peak every day.
The high-impact nature of rugby coupled with the size of the Brumbies players has presented Halson with plenty of new data. She said the type of athlete the University of Canberra Brumbies were developing was providing some interesting results for her team at the AIS.
“Dean [Benton] had contacted us from a recovery point of view last year and we did some sleep monitoring and helped develop the Brumbies recovery centre,” Halson said.
“But this little project is to try and understand some of the differences between what we do at the AIS and what’s done here at the Brumbies.
“The players we usually deal with are not as big as rugby players and don’t have to contend with such a high-impact sport as rugby. The water we use in our baths is also warmer, so we start to see some differences between the AIS and here.
“Looking at things like their core temperature, their sleep patterns, skin temperature and their blood pressure we can go away and get an understanding of what’s best for this group of athletes.”
For athletes to be performing at their peak, recovery has been identified as one of the key elements in any elite program. Widely considered as Australia’s industry leaders in recovery, the AIS and University of Canberra Brumbies are expecting some positive results to come from the developing relationship.

Benton said the relationship would provide plenty of positives for both organisations.

“We are privileged to have such a fantastic relationship with the AIS. For Brumbies staff and players to have access to AIS recovery staff like Shona Halson, Greg Shaw and Alison Garth is tremendous,” Benton said.

“Both organisations are clearly benefiting from the collaborative research being undertaken at Brumbies HQ.”