Griffins prepare for country Cockatoos

The ACT Griffins face NSW Country at Viking Park on Friday night with the cream of the John I Dent Cup set for battle with the best of the bush.

Tuggeranong have dominated selection for the Griffins with nine Vikings players picked for the clash.

The main game, which kicks off at 7pm, will be preceded by the colts clash at 5.30pm.

Friday, 4 May
First Grade
ACT Griffins v NSW Country
Viking Park, Wanniassa
Kick-off: 7pm

Friday, 4 May
ACT v NSW Country
Viking Park, Wanniassa
Kick-off: 5.50pm

ACT Griffins
1. Ray DOBSON        Wests
2. Pat LEAFA        Tuggeranong
3. Nic DOBSON        Wests
4. Tom MURDAY        Tuggeranong
5. Gareth CLOUSTON    Tuggeranong
6. Tim CREE        Tuggeranong
7. Joe KOLO        Royals
8. James TURNER        Tuggeranong
9. Peter RAINES        Wests
10. Gus McKERCHAR    Wests
11. Jerome NIUMATA    Tuggeranong
12. Rodney IONA        Tuggeranong
13. Matt HAWKE        Gungahlin
14. Andrew BARRELL    Gungahlin
15. Darragh FANNING    Tuggeranong

16. Sam TAISENI        Royals
17. JP PRADAUD        Tuggeranong
18. JP FENIKITAU    Queanbeyan
19. Sokai TAI        Royals
20. Tom MOULDS        Queanbeyan
21. Eden CAMPBELL-O’BRIEN    Uni-Norths
22. AJ ABEL        Royals
23. Mitchell CONNOLLY    Gungahlin

ACT Colts
1. Joel PENDERS        Royals
2. Alex SMALL        Gungahlin
3. Hunter PRESCOTT    Tuggeranong
4. Michael OAKMAN-HUNT    Tuggeranong
5. Toby WILSON        Queanbeyan
6. Rowan PERRY        Tuggeranong
7. Brendan WOODWARD    Royals
8. Dean OAKMAN-HUNT    Tuggeranong
9. Clint DALE        Queanbeyan
10. Eden CAMPBELL-O’BRIEN    Uni-Norths
11. Nic MURRAY        Tuggeranong
12. James FIELD        Tuggeranong
13. Zac TARRANT        Queanbeyan
14. Maligi FINAU    Queanbeyan
15. Brendon SPEARS    Queanbeyan

16. Hugh ALEXANDER    Uni-Norths
17. Jordan CREMERIUS    Queanbeyan
18. Tom CARNEY        Tuggeranong
19. Will CAMPBELL    Gungahlin
20. John COPSY        Royals
21. Nick TANKEY        Royals
22. Anau TAKIARI    Wests
23. Matt GIUGNI        Easts