Healthy hearts on the agenda this weekend

Laurie Fisher has not had a heart attack but he knows the warning signs and what to do if he were to experience one and wants all Brumbies members and fan to learn the warning signs.

Heart Foundation and the Brumbies have partnered to educate more Australians on the warning signs of heart attack with this ‘Warning Signs of Heart Attack’ game against the Rebels this Saturday April 14.

“The statistics are scary - a heart attack occurs every 10 minutes in Australia and it claims one Australian life every 53 minutes. More people need to recognize their heart attack and know what to do,” Laurie said.

"You could save your life or the life of someone you love. I encourage all Australians to learn the warning signs today to survive tomorrow. Get a free heart attack action plan at www.heartattackfacts.org.au."

"I want to be around for my wife and four children and don’t want to be the dead man in the Heart Foundation ad," he added.

Laurie Fisher – Brumbies Assistant Coach