The smart way around a rugby career

Since joining the club in late 2001, Player Careers Development Officer Sue Crawford has provided countless Brumbies, past and present, with a pathway to a successful life after rugby.

Busy training and touring schedules have been a major hurdle for players trying to study in the past making it tough for athletes to focus on life after sport.

But thanks to Sue’s efforts, Brumbies players are enjoying the full spectrum of tertiary education finding work in various fields once their rugby days are finished.

Sue’s work with the Brumbies and her vast knowledge of the Australian tertiary education landscape were honoured at the RUPA awards in 2011 where she was given an award for her “Commitment and dedication to providing service to the RUPA members since 2001.”

“It’s been a privilege to work with both RUPA and the Brumbies players over the last 10 years,” Crawford said.

“Highlights have been the enthusiasm and willingness for players to engage in looking at their futures along with rugby.

“To have the opportunity as a listening ear and confidant to assist in making plans and making them come to fruition is always exciting.”

Sue said while seeing results from her hard work was always a rewarding experience, the interaction with the boys and the building process towards an outcome were also satisfying elements of her job.

“One of the great things is that it’s not a one off meeting with players – there is an opportunity to continue engaging with them over several seasons and seeing their plans come into fruition,” she said.

“Rugby players can have a turbulent career and quite often with the help of their coaches and RUPA, study can provide a greater sense of stability in that environment.

“I was delighted to receive the award from Adam Freier who was the Brumbies in late 2001 when I started here. It gave a really strong sense of being acknowledged.”