Brumbies pre-season improvers

A spread of backs and forwards have been identified by Brumbies staff as the team’s biggest improvers over the pre-season months, with every player in the squad making advances on where they were at the end of October.

The Brumbies wrapped up their on-field training for the year on Tuesday and will resume again on 3 January, 2012

Earning special mention from the Brumbies coaching staff were players like Robbie Coleman, Dan Palmer and Sam Carter, who have all lifted themselves to be in strong positions heading into the Christmas break.

“It’s my first major pre-season, fulltime, I’ve got a great opportunity down here under Dean, Jake, Laurie and Bernie so I’m just trying to make the most of it during the pre-Christmas period,” Carter said.

“I’ve learned a lot about line-out technique, defensive patterns and just about getting up for a jump.

“Pre-season has been pretty tough so far and naturally pre-Christmas is always going to be the hardest part and hopefully if we get through this, make the changes in the New Year we can start in the right direction next year.”

Coleman was another player who coaches were quick to mention of the big improvers having posted quick times in the most recent set of testing.

The Queanbeyan local, who will return to his roots with the Whites in 2012, said working with the team’s new coaching staff had made a big difference to his running technique.

“I feel like my speed has improved, I’ve been working pretty hard with Dean Benton on getting my running technique right,” Coleman said.

“I never knew there were so many ways to run or that I was doing it wrong but I’m finally starting to nail that down.

“I think everyone has improved. Everyone is stronger, fitter and more confident.”

Palmer also agreed that there had been vast improvements from his team mates since training started four weeks ago but he stressed now was not the time to be taking it easy.

“Like Robbie said I think the whole squad has improved from a strength-and-conditioning point of view,” Palmer said.

“My own goals were to work on my efficiency around the field and I think my training with Dean has definitely helped me there.

“We’re taking steps forward as a squad, Aled Walters has been great for our strength and from a rugby point of view we are also moving forward.”