ACT trio up to professional challenge

The cream of Canberra’s John I Dent Cup has been given a special opportunity to join the main squad for preseason, with Tom Ruediger, Tim Cree and Tom Murday all spending time at Brumbies HQ until Christmas.

All three of the boys were standout performers for their club teams (Ruediger with Wests and the other two with Vikings) during the 2011 John I Dent Cup.

Their quality performances earned them all a spot in the grand final and starting positions with the ACT XV. But Head Coach Jake White said he was excited by the enthusiasm and effort shown by the three players and offered them a full-time spot until Christmas.

All three players will again turn out for the John I Dent Cup in 2012 and are now within earshot of a Super Rugby call up should the opportunity arise.

It’s a tremendous boost for the Canberra competition, which has in previous years struggled to keep players from heading to Sydney. The 2012 John I Dent Cup will feature Super Rugby players in every side, evenly spread to ensure a gripping competition.

Ruediger, Cree and Murday were joined by fellow John I Dent Cup players Jesse Mogg and Colby Faingaa at the start of Brumbies preseason. With all five players having come from Wests and Vikings, the two teams promise to launch another serious attack on the ACT’s Premier competition.