Quality halves ready for action

As the Brumbies prepare for the 2012 Super Rugby season, several key battles are being fought to see who will claim starting spots for Week One of the competition.

Few spots will be as hotly contested as scrumhalf, with Nic White and Ian Prior both fighting their way through preseason to lay claim to the No 9 jersey.

For Prior, it is his first taste of being in Canberra having jumped across from the Premiership winning Reds at the end of 2011.

The clever half has identified several challenges he would like to make it through during the year and suggested the Brumbies coaching staff were the most likely to get him to where he needs to be.

“I saw coming to the Brumbies as a great opportunity, It’s a chance to work with some of the best in the business, who’ve been there and done that” Prior said.

“We’ve got youth on our side and a lot of enthusiasm – we’re willing to take on any challenge.”

White returns for his second year in the top squad having made his way through the Academy at the end of 2010.

He said he was looking forward to the start of the Super Rugby season and the competition for the starting spot.

“This year it’s a chance for me to step up and show what Ive learned, show my skills and it’s a chance for me and Ian to go head to head to see who gets that starting position,” Nic said.

“I relish the challenge ahead, Ian and I being 21 I think I’m ready and I know Ian’s ready, we’re training at 110 per cent so come the end of preseason we will be ready to play some quality footy.”

Head Coach Jake White welcomes the head ache of having two top-quality halves to choose from. He said competition was a healthy thing for a team like the Brumbies. 

“One of the things I’ve said since I got here is that we want to create a bit of competition between the different positions,” White said.

“I think that what’s happened in the past is that a lot of chaps have been in their comfort zone and boys knew they were going to be playing.

“But I’m sure any of the boys who are asked will tell you no-one knows who’s got the inside lane.

“It’s fantastic that we can compete with each other and we must make sure that it brings out the best in everybody.”

Ian Prior
POS: Scrumhalf
H/W: 1.79m, 83kg
DOB: 21/8/1990
SR Caps: 6

Nic White
POS: Scrumhalf
H/W: 1.73m, 82kg
DOB: 13/06/1990, Scone
SR Caps: 2