Brits prepare for best of ACT

The ACT XV are preparing for their second game together against the British Army on Thursday.

The team will once again travel to Sydney, playing at Eastwood’s home ground T.G Millner Field with the match kicking off at 3pm.

The ACT XV will enter the game in red-hot form having punished the Royal Navy in their last encounter 83-0.

ACT XV v British Army
Thursday, 13 October
T.G Millner Field, Eastwood
Kick-off: 3pm

1. Chris Suetini
2. Reza Miralmasi
3. JP Pradaud
4. Tim Cree
5. Tom Murday
6. Rutikha llolahia
7. Tyson Tamihere
8. Sokai Tai
9. Clint Dale
10. Shaun McCarthy
11. Tom Ruediger
12. Beau Mokutupu
13. Mitch Connelly
14. Mick Breen
15. Ben Johnson

16. Sam Needs
17. Les Makin
18. Sam Shirley
19. Joe Kolo
20. Scott Patterson
21. TBA
22. Lachlan Freeth