Kids' health on Brumbies radar

Brumbies lock Peter Kimlin visited Macquarie Primary School on Friday morning last week to help boost the well-being of Canberra’s kids through the Blue Earth Health and Fitness campaign.

Kimlin, who was joined at Macquarie by Canberra Capitals star Brigitte Ardossi, took the kids through some brief drills and skills sessions and shared some of his own secrets to staying fit and healthy through exercise and a balanced diet.

“It’s important we are educating children at a young age to get into healthy practices and routines,” Kimlin said.

“Australian statistics suggest that young people are becoming unhealthier every year so it’s up to us to make sure that sort of trend can be turned around.

“Helping these guys to make the right dietary decisions and exercise regularly will make a big difference down the track. Hopefully they can make smart decisions regarding their lifestyle all the way to adulthood.”

Students were given the afternoon out of class to participate in a range of skills sessions including soccer, cricket, hockey, rugby and other games.

Kimlin was the second Brumbies player to get involved with Blue Earth Health in Canberra schools last week, after Jerry Yanuyanutawa visited Bonython Primary on Thursday morning.