Menslink launches Silence is Deadly campaign

At Melba Copland College today, Menslink CEO Martin Fisk, Principal Michael Battenally and UC Brumbies legend Clyde Rathbone will launch the 2014 Silence is Deadly campaign.

Following on from the success of last year’s campaign (which saw schools report an average increase of 133 per cent in young men seeking help for mental health and other life problems), Menslink and the Brumbies are this year delivering the key Silence is Deadly message to male students across high schools and colleges.

The launch featured video presentations from key Brumbies players and coach Stephen Larkham, as well as presentations from Melba Copland Principal Michael Battenally, Menslink Chief Executive Martin Fisk and Brumbies players Clyde Rathbone and Ben Alexander.

The campaign aims to reduce the stigma amongst male students about getting help and talking about their problems. It encourages young men to talk to their mates and professionals like counsellors and youth workers, rather than bottling problems up and staying silent about them.

Mr Fisk describes how young men are three times less likely to seek help when struggling with life issues while at the same time, the suicide rate for men is three times the rate of women.

“I believe there is a strong correlation. If more men had stronger support networks – if they got help earlier and talked openly to their mates and sought counselling, we would see a significant reduction in the suicide rates and maybe even crime rates in this country," Mr Fisk said.

"The Silence is Deadly campaign shows young guys that strong successful men – like the Brumbies players – aren’t afraid to talk to their teammates and get help when facing tough times.”

Menslink is the UC Brumbies charity partner for the 2014 and 2015 Super Rugby seasons.