Level 1 Coach Assessment

The assessment process requires participants to demonstrate knowledge in law, safety, planning, group management, communication and teaching. The cost for gaining Level 1 is $44 (incl GST) which will be invoiced upon completion of the Level 1 Coach Assessment Exam, Level 1 Coaches Competency Assessment & Training Diary and confirmation of the assessment date and time.

Please follow the steps below to guide you through the Level 1 Assessment process:

Step 1
Download and print off the Level 1 Coach Assessment

Step 2
To complete the exam you will require;

1. A copy of the latest laws of the game.  If you have attended a Foundation course you should have a copy of the ARU Law Book. Alternatively;
(i) Download the laws from the  IRB website
(ii) Download the  ARU U19 Law variations from the  ARU website

2. A copy of the  ARU Safety Directives

Answers should be written on the answer sheet provided at the back of the Level 1 Coach Assessment Exam.

Step 3
Ensure you have completed all of your personal details. Please fax your cover and answer sheets to Russell Ingram at Brumbies Rugby on 6260 8591.

Click here to download cover sheet

Step 4
Your exam will be marked and results will be e-mailed back to you.

Step 5
1.  (i) If you achieve the pass mark of 90% you will be sent the Level 1 Coaches Competency Assessment & Training Diary.
    (ii) If you fail to achieve the 90% pass mark, the questions you answered incorrectly will be sent back to you for re-submission.

2. You will be required to complete the first section in the Level 1 Coaches Competency Assessment & Training Diary including;

  • the four learning task worksheets,
  • training session plans; and,
  • the self assessment.


3.  (i) Once you have completed the first section, contact Russell Ingram at  r.ingram@brumbies.com.au  to arrange a date, time, location for a Brumbies Rugby Trained Assessor to assess your competency in coaching.
    (ii) You will be assessed based on the Level 1 Coach Competency Criteria Statements (download below)

Competency Criteria Statements

    (iii) If you are deemed Competent you will gain your Level 1 Coach Accreditation
    (iv) If you are deemed Not Yet Competent you will need to improve particular areas outlined by the assessor prior to being assessed again.

If you have any problems please contact Russell Ingram at r.ingram@brumbies.com.au or on (02) 6283 8520